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Fast Ethernet Copper TAPs

Complete, Safe, In-Line Monitoring

Fast Ethernet TAPs seamlessly duplicate full-duplex 10/100 Mbps traffic at wire speed. They provide monitoring devices with an accurate copy of the traffic with no impact on the network. They monitor all 7 OSI layers, and mirror packets of all sizes and types, low-level errors, and VLAN traffic.
  • Non-intrusive in-line monitoring
  • Permanent network link guaranteed
  • Monitoring of all OSI layers
  • No packet loss
  • No point of failure - Zero failover time or link restoration delay
  • Tested with major analysis & monitoring systems

Providing Visibility

Into Your Network

bullet details 20Dpx C1R-100 - Rack-Mountable 1-Link Copper TAP
The 1-Link 10/100 copper TAP enables the monitoring of 1 link. Its compact design allows it to be placed along with 2 other TAPs in a 1U Rack Frame (ref. ARF-1U) for up to 3 TAPs in 1U rack space.
 C1R 100 mirror 250px
bullet details 20Dpx C1P-100 - Portable 1-Link Copper TAP
The Portable 10/100 TAP enables the monitoring of 1 link. Special portable design, it can be easily transported on the field and placed at key points of the network with utmost space use efficiency. For optimal portability, a carrying zipper pouch is provided.
C1P 100 250px
bullet details 20Dpx C1D-100 - Industrial DIN Rail 1-Link Copper TAP
The 10/100 TAP for use in industrial environments. DIN Rail design mount. 24VDC power input.
C1D 100 250px
bullet details 20Dpx C20-100 - Rack-Mountable 20-Link TAP
The 20-Link 10/100 copper TAP enables the monitoring of 20 network segments. Compact design in a 1U Rack space
 C20 100 800px
REFERENCE C1R-100 C1P-100 C1D-100 C20-100
 CONNECTORS  4 x RJ45 8-PIN  4 x RJ45 8-PIN 4 x RJ45 8-PIN 80 x RJ45 8-PIN
 POWER INPUT  2 x 12 VDC 2 x 12 VDC 1 x 20–30 VDC   2 x 90–240 VAC
 DIMENSIONS (WxDxH)  113 x 88 x 30 mm  113 x 88 x 30 mm  113 x 88 x 30 mm  440 x 162 x 44 mm
 FRONT PANEL DIMENSIONS (WxH)  143 x 35 mm  -  -  483 x 44 mm
 ACCESORIES  1 x 90–240 VAC PSU  Zipper Pouch2 x RJ45 Cables1 x 90–240 VAC PSU  1 x 20–30 VDC Terminal Block Connector  2 x C13 Cables